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What To Look For In A Data Center

With cutting-edge computing infrastructure, you can compete in today’s world of applications, big data, and digital apps everywhere.

Here are a few things you need to consider when looking for a data center such as Electric Kitten who has a data center in Los Angeles.

The Location Of The Center

Your data can reside almost everywhere now that it is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible from a distance. But have you ever considered the safety of the building where your servers are housed?

Important factors that should be addressed include the building’s structural soundness, sensitivity to natural disasters, closeness to fire departments, and how simple it is for your workers to reach the property.

What Support And Monitoring Do They Offer

You must always be able to rapidly and accurately monitor how your servers and data are being used. The bare minimum involves knowing bandwidth utilization, storage levels, available space, and outage warnings. Ask the following questions while inspecting a data center to ensure complete transparency:

What backup and archiving services are provided?

What assistance options exist if your staff cannot travel to the data center?

How responsive is the staff at the data center?  Do they have any data on this from customers?

The Operational Performance Of The Center

A data center is impressive if it satisfies the aforementioned characteristics. Nevertheless, you should think about peeking “under the hood” to learn more about the operational efficiency. Check whether the CRACs, or cooling and refrigeration units, are in the aisle or the whitespace (the region where the servers and data are kept).