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Make Your Office Smart in a Matter of Hours

Summary: Making ordinary items more technologically advanced has never been easier and affordable. In under a day you can transform your standard office to a more advanced and connected workplace.

Just over a decade ago a phone was simply something you could use for making and receiving messages via voice or text. Something as basic as sending a photo or video was still in its early stages. Fast forward to today and you can do anything from streaming movies to tracking your activity with a device you can take with you anywhere. Thinking about how far technology has come in such a short period of time is both exciting and overwhelming.

Despite all of these technological advancements that nearly anyone can take advantage of, there is a wide variety of products people use on a regular basis that seem much more limited. Making everyday items “smart” by connecting them to high tech equipment can make your life a lot easier. The great news is that you can do so in under a day.

Smart Outlets

A popular product you can incorporate into your office is a smart outlet. A standard outlet simply supplies power to whatever is plugged into it but there are attachments you can purchase that allow your outlets to do so much more. These devices plug directly into a standard outlet and usually come paired with an app you can use on your phone, tablet, or computer.

With these adapters you can easily enable or disable the outlet with a press of a button. Some more advanced versions will even let you analyze energy usage so you can take note of how much electricity your LED video wall is using on a daily basis.

Smart Thermostat

A thermostat is a simple but necessary part of any workplace. Making sure your employees are not too warm or cold in the office is crucial but a standard system is far too limited. A smart thermostat can let you set the temperature, analyze usage, and set schedules wherever you have internet. If you forgot to turn the air conditioning off after locking the office up for the weekend you can do so directly from your phone.

Smart Security System

If you have professional equipment from brands like ConstantTech.com you need to make sure you have the best security possible. A break-in that could cost you several thousands of dollars can be prevented with a strong security system. There are some smart systems you can set up to access multiple cameras remotely and receive instant alerts when movement is detected.