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Can Holistic Medicine Help Business Entrepreneurs Stay Healthy?

Holistic medicine treats the whole human: the spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body. We often forget that we humans are created with so many layers and that each one must function optimally in order to be fully healthy. People with a strong body but a sick mind don’t enjoy their lives much. They’re minds may be in constant torment. But the converse is also true.

It takes good health in each part of your life, even in your finances and relationships. Imagine being very wealthy but having poor relationships with your siblings, parents or children. No amount of money can buy healthy relationships or reverse most forms of arthritis and cancer. Money is a poor substitute for happiness though we all want to create abundance.

In searching for the ideal life … one where you are healthy and happy on each layer, we must address dysfunctions wherever they lie. Many people only think about material possessions when they hear the word “success” but to be truly successful, one must be happy in all areas. If you have estranged relationships with family members or children, this can become an acute “thorn in your side.”  Success as a business owner or entrepreneur can be tainted by these issues.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a good resource for entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goals. The book is aimed for individuals who aspire to live a life of abundance. One of the suggestions is to learn to meditate. This is useful for dealing with ordinary stress. The advice in this book might help you stay focused on moving forward while you work toward your goals to create abundance.